• Transportation Industry Support Services.
    Experienced Transit Professionals

Broad Range of Transit Operations Support Services

We are a certified DBE/WBE consulting and support services company providing operations management services in transit and associated industries. Expertise includes performing FTA compliance functions, audits, preparing policy documents, contract management, inventory management, parts procurement, vehicle inspections, vehicle maintenance program development, vehicle transport services and bus operations and maintenance training.

  • Regulatory compliance expertise
  • Training and certification programs
  • Vehicle Inspections and Transport Services
  • Inventory management
  • Contract management
  • Broad range of project support services

Support Services


MLD Services has proven their value to project teams by providing support, expertise, proficiency and cooperation throughout the lifecycle of a project. MLD has contributed and supported projects through consulting, training and technical expertise. MLD’s staff have experience in all facets of a project from the specification development phase to final acceptance testing.


MLD Services offers extensive industry experience and knowledge to assist transit agencies to develop, revise, and improve operating rules, policies, plans and procedures. Experienced in multi-modal operating environments, MLD Services offers expert reviews, creative analyses and practical solutions to enhance training, revise rules, policies, and operating procedures, and achieve regulatory compliance. In addition we provide expertise to enhance operating efficiency and service effectiveness to improve delivery of your services in a cost efficient manner through service planning leading to the development of cost efficient vehicle and crew schedules and operator work assignments.